Including your dog in your Wedding | Wedding Ideas

When you and your hubby say I do, so does your little furry friend! But what if you can’t picture your perfect day without your dog there? Including your dog in your wedding can be great! Who doesn’t smile when they see a well dressed dog wagging his tail down the aisle? Hearts will melt…but is your dog ready? Here are a few pointers we’ve learned along the way.

Check with your venue about their rules. Then you need to make sure your dog that can handle the stress a wedding day can be. Get your dog familiar with the area, and rehearse with them.  Is your dog well behaved around big crowds? Is he able to sit and stay in the crowd? Hire or find a friend that doesn’t mind being the handler (during ceremony) This way you don’t need to worry.

If your dog doesn’t sit and stay or like big crowds, maybe designate a time for photos with your dog. Discussing with your photographer when might work. If you plan a first glance. This is a great time to have a friend bring the dog for photos. Then they can have time to drop off the dogs and be ready for the wedding. Perhaps after the ceremony get a few photos then have the handler take the dog for the night.

If your dog can’t be on the grounds, try incorporating your dog in the details. Perhaps a sign in board, design the cake topper with them or maybe wear a charm for them on your bouquet. Here are some ideas!! Enjoy!!!

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