Cigar Bar | Wedding Ideas

After the meal, not all guests will take to the dance floor. A cigar bar is a great idea for the guests who’d rather sit and reminisce! If you know your father loves a cigar on the golf course, or your fiance enjoys a cigar at a tailgate. Adding a cigar bar outside your reception is a great idea. A few things to keep in mind…

Talk to your venue to see if they even allow cigar bars outside your reception. Be sure to stock the cigar bar with all the necessary hardware, like ashtrays, cigar cutters, lighters, and proper wastebaskets. Pick premium options, different blends, flavors, and sizes. Smaller size cigars will appeal to the ladies!

Pair the cigar bar with your signature drink or snack. Please the palate! Some classic liquor pairings are whisky, rum, bourbon, cognac, port. Even some craft beers, wine or spirits, and cocktails. The main thing to keep in mind is don’t let the cigar overpower the drink and vice versa. In the end it’s your final judgement, have fun tasting different pairings!


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