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Grab their attention with Synergetic Sound and Lighting!!!

Lighting is a great way to accent your stunning details, from the card table to the floral designs and everything in between. Synergetic Sound and Lighting is one vendor we enjoy collaborating with. We love being able to capture images of the room exactly as it’s seen with the eye. Lighting creates dimension and controls the eye to focus. Accent lighting gives the room a feeling, whether it’s a deep red of love or a golden amber of the sun. A signature look of Synergetic Sound and Lighting is string lights draped to create a cascade of lights dangled from the ceiling. Giving your photos a twinkly golden background that we love!! Another hot trend is the vintage Edison lighting, seen below. The old is new again!!! Try blending these lights into your rustic, classic, or even whimsical themed wedding. The possibilities are endless

With the correct lighting your venue can be revamped with style!!

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Synergetic Sounds & Lighting