DNC Event | Cira Green Center

The Democratic National Convention has come to Philadelphia. We’re thrilled they picked Philadelphia has their hot spot! Thank you to Brandywine Realty Trust for picking us to cover such a great event! After all the official DNC business, a warm gathering of friends and co-workers is only appropriate. Kaleidoscope Solutions hosted the affair at the newest spot in Philadelphia.

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WRG | Corporate Events

Pictures By Todd covers corporate events, awards, fundraisers, conferences, dinners, expos and more. While corporate events are very different from weddings, our approach remains the same. We remain behind the scenes to let the event unfold. We want people to be able to relive the event. So that when viewing the photos, people will know what

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Family Portrait Pics

It’s emails like this that make a photographers day….at least they make this photographers day! I want you to know that the picture you took of my family was the BEST gift we could ever give my mom. The tears in her eyes and the expression on her face was priceless. My extended family was

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Just sayin’!

Hello everyone. I wanted to quickly post to let you know that we’re currently updating our blog and website… so if things look a little funny around here right now… well, that’d be why!  So please excuse our appearances while we straighten it all out.  Soon enough everything will be better than ever!  In the

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