Society of Professional Women | Janine Driver

Each month we photograph many different corporate events and it’s really fun to be able to get to hear so many great speakers and get insight into so many different industries.  Whether it’s a biopharma conference like BIO last month, or a national sales conference for the insurance or financial services industries… even a national convention or rabbi’s like the one we photographed for the Central Conference of American Rabbis a few month back, they not only offer us glimpses into different words, but we’re always able to walk away having learned something.  One such event we just photographed was for the Society of Professional Women, which is a special program of the Main Line Chamber of Commerce.  By the way, if you aren’t yet aware of the SPW and you’re a business professional in Philadelphia or the surrounds suburbs, you should definitely check them out. They consistently have amazing speakers that are geared to helping professional women advance their careers, but really anyone can benefit from their programs.  The most recent one we photographed was their monthly trademark event at the DoubleTree Philadelphia-Valley Forge where Janine Driver was the speaker.  You might have seen Janine on TV as she’s made many appearances on shows such as The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Ray, among many others.  She’s a body language expert who’s also known as the Lyin’ Tamer and her mission is to teach people how to read what other people are saying by watching their body language… as well as help people to be aware of how their body language might be perceived and how to change it.  Truly fascinating stuff… and besides the content being compelling, Janine was super funny and engaging… if you ever have a chance of seeing her, definitely do so!  Or if you’re one of those who reads books, she’s written a bunch of those as well that you can check out.

Anyhow, here are a few pictures from the event… enjoy!!