Joseph Ambler Inn Pictures By Todd

Amy & Joe’s Wedding | Joseph Ambler Inn

Last weekend we had a blast photographing Amy and Joe’s wedding at the Joseph Ambler Inn. Somehow, we’d never photographed a wedding there before, but it was beautiful.  There’s a part of me that actually prefers when I get to shoot at a venue that I’ve never seen before.  Everything is fresh and new, and I’m able to explore and create images without having any preconceived notions of what I’m going to do.  I prefer my shoots to be fluid, natural and spontaneous, and that only helps.  On that note, one of the parts of Amy and Joe’s wedding that I thought was so special was the fact that they wrote their own vows… but Joe took a similar approach to his vows as I take to photography.  He preferred to “wing it” and not have them completely pre-planned.  Obviously he had ideas of what he was going to talk about, but he wanted to say what he felt and not just read it. To be honest, usually when a groom tries to go “off script” like this, it doesn’t go too well.  But he really did a great job talking to everyone about Amy and why she was so special, I loved the part about how his sister secretly signed him up on Match.com without his even knowing about it, and he really tied it all together with just the right amount of humor and sweetness… it was truly touching!

Anyhow, I’m pretty sure no one is here to read an essay!  I hope you enjoy the images!

Wedding-Dress-PhotographyBride-Before-Ceremony-PhotographyJoseph-Ambler-Inn-Groomsmen Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Main-Line-Wedding-Photographer  Black-White-Wedding-Photography Main-Line-Wedding-Photographer Black-White-Wedding-Photography-Joseph-Ambler-Inn Bridemaids-First-Glance-Ideas-Wedding-Photography First-Glance-Wedding-Photography-Philadelphia First-Glance-Wedding-Photography-Bridemaids Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Bridemaids-Teal-Bridemaids-Dress Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Groomsmen-Main-Line-Photographer Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Photographer-Pictures-By-Todd Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Pictures-By-Todd Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Wedding-Bridal-Party Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Black-White-Photography Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Outdoor-Wedding-Ceremony-Main-Line Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Pictures-By-Todd-Outdoor-Ceremony Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Outdoor-Wedding Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Main-Line-Photographer Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Wedding-Table-Decor Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Wedding-Cake-Flowers-Teal Joseph-Ambler-Inn-First-Dance-Wedding-Photography First-Dance-Wedding-Photography-Unique Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Main-Line-Wedding Real-Moments-Wedding-Photography Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Pictures-By-Todd-Black-White-Photography  Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Wedding-CakeJoseph-Ambler-Inn-Wedding-Cake-Photography Reception-Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Philadelphia-Photographer Joseph-Ambler-Inn-Pictures-By-Todd-Main-Line-Wedding