What Wedding Photography is All About!

We understand Wedding Photography is a crucial component of your wedding. As wedding photographers we capture photos that are important to you. Capturing all the beauty and love your wedding has!

We at Pictures By Todd, see it a bit deeper….

It’s saving the moment that will slip away in the next. It’s capturing the thumbs up dad gives you from the first row. It’s photographing the tears that swell in grandma’s eyes when she sees you on the alter! It’s catching the loving glance your mom gives dad, remember their wedding.

It’s capturing Aunt Rosie on the dance floor for one last dance.

Sadly, my Aunt Rosie, my Dad’s sister, passed away this morning. Our wedding was her final “hurrah” and you might remember her as the older woman dressed in red who wouldn’t stop dancing. she absolutely loved dancing. You took a beautiful shot of her with all of her brothers, in addition to the amazing candid ones that captured all of the joy in her face, as she took turns dancing with each of them. These beautiful photos mean the world to my family right now, and I am so grateful that you just knew to capture this very special moment. We did not realize it would be her last.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much!
-Katie and Mike

Why it’s important to hire the right wedding planner!

We would like to gives many thanks to Katie’s wedding planners at Kaleidoscope. After shooting for 8 hours or so we had a chance to sit and eat our dinner. Jennifer came running down the stairs and asked if we would please capture Aunt Rosie on the dance-floor. She sensed how important these pictures might be to Katie and her whole family. So we left our food and went upstairs to capture what became the most precious photos of the wedding.