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What to wear for your Headshot

Your session is booked! Now you're asking,
"what should I wear for my headshot?"

After over 10 years photographing business people, I've put together a list of my best tips to ensure success in every session. Here's the  definitive guide to what to wear for your headshot.

  • Wear something “verified” from your closet. In other words, something that you feel great in, or something that you always get compliments on when you wear it. I suggest long sleeves or ¾ sleeves because those sleeve lengths are most flattering for most people. If you feel comfortable in a particular outfit, chances are it will make for a great photograph. 
  • Men, layers are your friend. You can’t go wrong with a crisp shirt and a jacket. Add a tie or bowtie if you want as well!  
  • For the ladies, pretty blouses, dresses, and fitted jackets are all great options. I suggest wearing what you might wear for an important meeting, or when meeting a potential client for the first time. Stitchfix has great work clothes if you’re looking for some new pieces. 
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  • Steer clear of super bright colors like neon orange or lime green, as they tend to add a color cast to skin. Jewel tones, including navy, and medium shades of blue photograph well on most people. Solid colors and small prints are great, but avoid large prints and busy fabrics.
  • If you plan on wearing makeup, keep it neutral. A little bit of blush and lipstick can go a long way in accentuating your features. In case of last-minute breakouts, don’t worry — I retouch!
  • Practice in the mirror! I’m totally serious here! This is true for almost everybody: forced smiles look stiff. Take a moment, think about something funny and let yourself laugh a little. You’ll be amazed at the results. And of course, I’ll be here to guide you  through the whole process.

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