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Uplift Gala 2022 | Vie | Cescaphe

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The Uplift Center for Grieving Children

Uplift offers peer support groups for children and teens in grades K-12th who have experienced the death of someone significant in their lives. Peer support and a caring adult presence help to reduce the feelings of isolation and loneliness that children often experience after death. 


Uplift has multiple locations around the city of Philadelphia. Creative activities and games allow children to express their thoughts and feelings about death. All groups are divided by age and developmental level to best tailor our support programs. Uplift also offers caregiver groups at the same time to provide support for adults raising a grieving child. All programs for grieving children and families are provided free of charge.


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A great venue goes a long way to elevate your event, and Vie is one of the best. Located at 600 Broad Street, it’s located in a central and convenient part of Philadlephia. From the imported Italian mosaic to the custom-built light fixtures and stage, every artful touch and carefully-chosen furnishing is designed to both impress and welcome your guests. With its unique blend of expansive space and intimate settings, Vie helps create grand affairs while still keeping the spotlight on what matters most, your event.

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