Matthew’s Bar Mitzvah | Hilton City Ave

Eat. Sleep. Swim.

Dive on in! Matthew’s Bar Mitzvah at the Hilton City Ave with the one and only Corinn Rocker of Corley Designs Philadelphia. Let’s celebrate what a bright, strong and determined young man you’ve become! While his younger siblings look on, Matthew takes center stage.

Corley Designs Philadelphia managed to create a one of a kind unique look at the Hilton. Matthew lives to swim, so a swimmer theme erupted at the Hilton. Every table highlighted a different swim stroke, from Matthew’s favorite the butterfly, to the backstroke. The greatest swimmer of them all…the fish was even included in the decor! Every table was topped with a bowl swimming with fish. Corley Designs Philadelphia only forgot to fill the room with water! Thankfully they didn’t so Limelight could take the stage. With ease, MC Julian had everyone on their feet. Limelight dancers showed off their breakdancing skills, even teaching some of the kids how to. A few adults even joined in, which I’m sure they felt the next day!!! Thank you for letting us be part and enjoy this fast tracked collection!

Photographers: Mark & Christina

Entertainment: Limelight (Julian Ross)