Lauren & Kevin’s Wedding | Bear Creek Mountain Resort

We’re honored to share photos from Lauren and Kevin’s Wedding at Bear Creek Mountain Resort. Lauren and Kevin are very special couple to Pictures By Todd. We hope everyone enjoys these teaser images, selected especially for you two!

Lauren and Kevin’s wedding was not your typical hot and sunny wedding day. Rain poured all morning and into the afternoon. Just like Lauren’s parents Bob and Peggy, rain blanketed their wedding day. When it came time to make the decision, inside ceremony or outside ceremony? Lauren quickly picked up the phone to ask Kevin for advice, Kevin without hesitation, said “we’re going outside.” With a light mist in the air, guests were given towels to wipe their seats and umbrellas to cover up with. The ceremony was perfect, short and sweet. Lauren beamed with happiness from the moment her eyes met Kevin. The reception was to follow. Large stone fire-places helped warm up the guests.

Thank you for letting us be part of your wedding day. This wedding was bitter sweet, filled with real moments of love and happiness. You and your family were focused was on what really matters. We wish you both years and years of love and happiness.

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