Jazz Age Style | Party Ideas

Sick of the same old party? Did you watch The Great Gatsby and feel envious of his parties? You don’t need the million dollar mansion to feel like you’re back in the 20’s!  Mix it up with some class and some style!  Jazz Age Style could be a perfect fit!! Bringing the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s back to life with attitude, style, performances, and more. While the kids are off listening to that thing they call music, you’ll be taking a trip back in time!

“We bring a modern spin to the Roaring Twenties, the Swingin’ Thirties, and the Big Bands of the Forties. Whether you’re a flapper, a dandy, a zoot suiter, a dieselpunk, or a 1940s bombshell gal, we want to help you step out of time.”- Jazz Age Style

Musical guests the Red Hot Ramblers, an authentic 1920s jazz ensemble. It’ll all start with tapping your toes to the beat. Then their vintage sound will without a doubt get you up out of the seat to dance.

Switch it up, swing it around and bring this golden age to your next event!

Baldwin-School-Jazz-Age-Style Baldwin-School-Mitzvah-B'nai-Feastivities-All-Around-Entertainment-Jazz-Age-Style-Swing-Vintage-Entertainment Baldwin-School-Mitzvah-B'nai-Feastivities-All-Around-Entertainment-Jazz-Age-Style-Nightclub-Drink-Bar-Ideas Jazz-Age-Style-Swing-Vintage-Entertainment-One Baldwin-School-Mitzvah-B'nai-Feastivities-All-Around-Entertainment-Jazz-Age-Style-Decor  Baldwin-School-Mitzvah-B'nai-Feastivities-All-Around-Entertainment-Decor Jazz-Age-Style-Swing-Vintage-Entertainment-Two Jazz-Age-Style-Swing-Vintage-Entertainment-Four 495_KauffmanMitzvah Jazz-Age-Style-Swing-Vintage-Entertainment-Three Baldwin-School-Mitzvah-B'nai-Feastivities-All-Around-Entertainment-Jazz-Age-Style-Flapper-Entertainment-Different Baldwin-School-Mitzvah-B'nai-Feastivities-All-Around-Entertainment-Jazz-Age-Style-Nightclub-Drinks-Liquor Red-Hot-Ramblers-Band-Photos-Performance-Jazz  Red-Hot-Ramblers-Band-Photos-Performance-Jazz-Band Jazz-Age-Style-Swing-Vintage-Entertainment-Baldwin-School Red-Hot-Ramblers-Band-Photos-Performance

Venue: The Baldwin School 

Caterer: Feastivities Catering

Entertainment: Jazz Age Style

Musical Entertainment: Red Hot Ramblers