Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia Pics

Recently I photographed SVI Philadelphia, hosted by the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia.

SVI is focused on helping business’ achieve social prosperity, environmental stewardship, and profitability (known as the Triple Bottom Line) and the event took place at the environmentally friendly HUB meeting space at the Cira Centre in Philadelphia.

The agenda and the venue were both profoundly inspiring, and I left the conference determined to bring even more “green” initiatives and sustainability to Pictures by Todd.

An immediate first step is our switch to paperless contracts starting this month.

I also hope for a green future in the special events we photograph: events that create less waste; use more local ingredients; produce lower carbon emissions; and use as much recycled and post consumer materials as possible.

At Pictures by Todd we plan to do our part by finding ways to reduce energy use, paper waste, and unnecessary travel and shipping.  We are determined to reduce what we can and will continue to implement changes to help us become more sustainable.  Stay tuned…..

We also look forward to shooting more social events at the HUB.HUB meeting space event sponsored by the Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia

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