Gabby’s Bat Mitzvah | Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue

On the field, On the court, At the finish line!

We’re so pleased to photograph the second Thomas’ Mitzvah. Matthew cleared the way for his younger siblings to take the stage. This time it’s Gabby’s turn to read from the torah and prove she’s ready to join the jewish community. They celebrated her achievements at Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue. Hila Shiff of The Party Artists transformed the ballroom. She uniquely designed the decor to show off Gabby’s favorite interests. Gabby’s love for running, soccer, and basketball were displayed throughout the ballroom. Steph from EBE entertainment brought her A game, making for one unforgettable night! All the guests were laughing and tearing up while Ian delivered a heartfelt speech for Gabby! Thank you for letting us capture the moments of such an important time in Gabby’s life. Enjoy the teasers!

Synagogue: Temple Beth Hillel Beth El

Venue: Hilton Philadelphia Avenue

Entertainment: EBE Entertainment Stephanie Fitzpatrick

Decor/Design: Hila Shiff of The Party Artists