Eco-Friendly Studio | USB Memory Direct

Many people don’t know this, but we try to be as green and eco-friendly as possible. The album companies we use adhere to this and we offer a variety of canvases and inkjet prints since they’re more eco-friendly and don’t use chemical processes like silver halide prints do. We also try to avoid mailing disks of images to clients who don’t need or want them. Many of our corporate clients download their high resolution files through an online gallery or a file delivery service such as dropbox. We’ve been using DVD’s for image delivery to brides and mitzvah clients, but we’re trying to move away from this as they’re not exactly green. Now we’ve transitioned to using USB flash drives from USB Memory Direct that are made from sustainably harvested bamboo and laser engraved so that there are no inks used in the printing. USB flash drives are more useful than DVD’s because they’re smaller and more portable and fit into any device that has a USB port. Flash drives are archival and more durable than disks which can oxidate, scratch or break. We’re happy to offer these to all our clients and continue our mission of eco-friendly, sustainable business practices.

Enjoy your flash drives!

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