5 Important Things Brides Forget To Do


Over the last 14 months you’ve been to nine wedding dress shops searching for that perfect wedding dress, tasted seven delightfully decadent wedding cakes hoping that one yells out, “buy me,” sniffed 200 wedding flowers and interviewed over three dozen wedding vendors in hopes that your wedding is dubbed “Wedding of the Year.”

But wait!  Now it’s your wedding day and you forgot to…..5 Important Things Brides Forget To Do On Their Wedding Day

You’ve spent way too much time preparing for the perfect wedding day to say those words.   Don’t arrive unprepared in any way.  Here are 5 important things brides usually forget to do that will mean a world of difference if forgotten:

  • Make Post-Wedding Plans No, we don’t mean the honeymoon.  Believe me, you can count on the groom to have discussed this in detail with you.  We’re talking about right after the wedding.  Do you want the final dance to be it?  Or do you want to continue the party at a local hot spot?  Make arrangements for post-wedding fun.
  •  Pack an Overnight Bag:  Most newly married couples spend their wedding night somewhere other than home.  If this is you then don’t forget to have someone drop off an overnight bag for you in the room.  When you go to brush your teeth you’ll be glad that you remembered to do this trivial task.
  •  Pick Someone to Bring Wedding Gifts Home For You:  In all the hustle and bustle the last thing you want is to have your wedding gifts left at the reception site.  Designate someone to take these home for you so that you don’t have a car full of presents all night.
  • Decorate the “other” areas: Of course, no guest will walk out of your wedding if the bathrooms and cocktail bar are left bare. But with all the energy that’s put into dressing up the reception and ceremony spaces, you might want to put in the small extra effort to give these spots the décor they deserve.  A few candles will work.
  • Confirm: Call and make sure that each wedding vendor knows exactly when they’re suppose to arrive.  Do this one week before your wedding.  That way if for some strange reason your florist has the wrong date marked on their calendar you have enough time to rectify the situation.  Send out agendas to your bridesmaids and groomsmen, too—how else will they know what time you’re taking photos? If someone in the bridal party is notorious for being late, start their schedule half an hour early just in case.


Were these tips helpful?  What is the #1 thing you’re afraid of forgetting?  Please share below: