Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Elan’s Bar Mitzvah Celebration | Radnor Valley Country Club

Elan’s Bar Mitzvah Celebration at Radnor Valley Country Club.

Remember March 2, 2018 and the winter storm that hit the east coast? Slamming Philadelphia with heavy snow and strong winds that knocked down thousands of trees. Leaving thousands of families without power or heat… including Elan’s family!

No matter what…..Elan’s celebration had to go on… and go on it did!!

After the skies cleared, Elan’s family and friends tossed their snow boots aside and grabbed their best party shoes! Hot Hot Hot Entertainment made sure to make everyone forget the snow by bringing along their best dancers, live musicians and of course, the one and only, Anthony! Making this party a one of a kind! The elegant decor of succulent filled terrariums with wooden candles and string lights lined the tables. Don’t forget to check out the family tree of photos as you enter the Radnor Valley Country Club! Elan and his family made this party, one for the books! Enjoy a few teaser photos!

Bar Mitzvah Photography Philadelphia Radnor Valley Country Club

Venue: Radnor Valley Country Club

Entertainment:Hot Hot Hot Entertainment MC Anthony